English song festival 2019

On June 11, the English Department, together with English and French teachers held the English Song Festival 2019. This year, as it has become a tradition at our school, the English Song Festival presented to school community with the opportunity to enjoy the enormous talent, commitment, and above all, the huge enthusiasm of our students.

As the organizers, we had been preparing for this event since February, when we held the auditions for the different levels. In those occasions, we were witness to the enormous talent we have in our school, when over 20 students competed for a spot in the festival. After a long and difficult process of deliberation, 10 students were chosen to go to the finals.

We’d like to thank all the students who were part of the event this year, both in the auditions and the show. Likewise, we’d like to thank all the families, classmates and friends who cheered all our stars up during their performances.

The results of this English Song Festival 2019 version are as follows:

First Category: 3° 4° 5°

1st place

Mariana Jiménez Galvis



2nd place

Laura Camila Jiménez


Rolling In the deep

3rd place

Gabriel Ebratt Castro         



Second Category: 6° 7° 8°

1st place

Saray Hernandez Velez


Let her go

2nd place

Luisa Fernanda Hernandez


Ain´t your mama

3rd place

Yenny Tibbisay Preciado        



Third Category:   10° 11°

1st place

Victoria Primera  


Dangerous Woman

2nd place

Harrison Melendez


Put Your Head In you Shoulders

By: Juan Carlos Herrera Pion ( English and French Coordinator)